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Sulfadimidine (Sulphadimidine,sulfamethazine)
Name:  Sulfadimidine
Alias:  Sulfamethazine, SM
Molecular Formula:  C12H14N4O2S
Molecular Weight:  287.33
Structural Formula:
Characteristics:  A white or almost white powder or crystalline; not smelly, appreciably bitter; darkling gradually on light; hardly soluble in water and aether, easily soluble in diluent acid/alkaline solution; melting point: 197℃-200℃.
Indications:  A sulfonamide, antibacterial & antiphlogistic.
Specification:  BP2002/USP25
Packing:  25kg/Fibre drum; Φ36.5H47
Storage:  Avoid light, and preserved hermetically.
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